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Epoxy Flooring in Chennai

Epoxy Flooring Chennai

Residential Industrial Epoxy Flooring in Chennai

Are you looking for epoxy flooring in Chennai? Still not satisfied with any other epoxy coating service provider with their price or epoxy cost.
SR Build Care Tech - Epoxy Flooring Experts in Hasthinapuram, Chromepet servicing all over chennai running with experienced industry experts of 25 people. We provide abrasion resistant, AMC epoxy services for for industrial, commercial and residential purposes. Get Free quote now on Metallic, 3D, Colored epoxy coating for office, factory, home floors with latest technology machinery. We are a renowned epoxy flooring supplier in Chennai for the successful trading and supplying of Epoxy Primer in Chennai city and surrounding areas. Get customized epoxy pattern ideas and assitance from our widely preferred skilled professional.

SR Build Care Tech caters Epoxy coving, Antistatic conductive flooring, self leveling material flooring, ESD, EPU flooring services (Matte, Semi glossy) at best market rates. Our products are of shelf lifepan is 5-10 years, optimum thickness, Multi coloured, Customized pattern, Heavy duty "A" grade quality materials. Also prevents chemical breakdown, Asthetic eye-shades, inexpensive application usage. Get blue, black, gray, white, green coloured epoxy flooring services from us for IT sectors, Hotels, Commercial buildings etc.,

SR Build Care Tech Features:

  1. 8 Years of Experience
  2. On-Time projects
  3. Best Price Guaranteed
  4. 100% Client Satisfaction
  5. Adroit Professionals
  6. All types of epoxy flooring
  7. Completed more than 1000 projects
  8. Wide range of Services
  9. Cater Commercial Industrial Residential

What is Epoxy Flooring:

It's a attractive flooring solution comes with a combination of resins and hardeners (epoxy compounds). Both these catalyzed together and form a rigid plastic material which is so strong, durable, hard chemical substance. Epoxy coating is done by the chemical reaction with epoxide resin and polymine hardener. The ratio of the epoxy material may be varied based on product to product. This Epoxy systems can be used for steel & concrete to bring resistance to alkali, acids, water. This is applied at the temperature above 55ºF on drying where the humidity level should be 85%. A professional epoxy flooring contractors must give proper induction time for completely compatibilizing the epoxy coatings. When comparing heat cured powder coatings, epoxy coating is much easy to apply, having quicky drying capability, tough material. Consult a industry experts to conduct a survey over the floor before taking any decision. Flooring experts like us will give the analysis report about the moisture tolerance, floor statistics and reducing the delamination.

Application Methods:

Brush, Roll, Spray, Squeegee/trowel

Epoxy Resins:

These are of 3 types likely Bisphenol A, Bisphenol F, Phenoic Novolac with the viscosity of moderate, high level.

Features and characteristics of Epoxy Coating:

  1. Excellent Quality
  2. Good looking shine
  3. Longer lifespan
  4. It does not stick with floor
  5. Direct Installation over concrete or any other floors
  6. Having resistant over transmission fluid, oil, gasoline, cleansers & bleach
  7. Heat & water resistant
  8. Bacteria & germs resistant

Benefits of Epoxy Floor Coating:

  1. Easy floor sweeping
  2. Easy water cleanup process (As resins are low volatility)
  3. Protects the concrete from grease, stains, cracks and moisture

Application Areas:

  1. Residential places (Terraces, Floors, Bathrooms, Bedrooms)
  2. Airplane Hangars
  3. Badminton Court
  4. Commercial & retail stores
  5. Hospitals, Clinics (bacteria & germs resistant)
  6. Garages, Automotive industry (Due to Oil & bleach resistant)
  7. Industrial plants, Commercial, Marine applications
  8. Laboratory, Corporate Offices
  9. Manufacturing plants
  10. Showrooms, Warehouses

Types of Epoxy Flooring:

  1. Self Dispersing Coatings
  2. Self Leveling Epoxy Coating
  3. Mortar Epoxy Coatings
  4. Graveled Epoxy Type
  5. Epoxy Terrazzo Floor Coatings
  6. Epoxy Antistatic
  7. Vapor Barrier
  8. Epoxy Flaked
  9. Solid Type
  10. Water Based
  11. The Solvent Based
  12. Cooling Tower

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