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Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai

Waterproofing Contractors Chennai

Industrial Residential Waterproofing Contractors in Chennai

Are you looking for waterproofing services in Chennai? Still not satisfied with any other waterproofing service provider with their price or cost.
SR Build Care Tech - Waterproofing contractors in Chennai, Hasthinapuram - Chromepet servicing all over chennai running with experienced industry experts of 25 people. What is Waterproofing? The objective of fixing waterproofing solution is to avoid water leakages in building constructions. Making the building be water resistant and waterproof is called waterproofing with the use of membranes, coatings, other compounds and stops water penetration by creating waterproofing layers.

How SR Build Care Tech helps in Waterproofing Services

We cater Rigid, Paintable type, Lining, Wall putty type, Plaster type, Injection methods, Sprayed waterproofing systems. Our quality waterproofing services giving permanent solution for leaks, cracks, dampness, fungal formation, flooding, seepage etc., We will observe the location and bring you suggestion and ideas and start the execution process instantly. Work progress will be accomplished based on the square feet that area covers. Get free quote on waterproofing for basement, ceiling, walls, sumps, slabs, decks, bathroom floor, kitchen, laundries, terrace garden, water tanks, balconies, green roofs, & swimming pools etc., Industrial/Factories, Commercial/Offices, IT and softwareCompanies, residential areas are our undertaken projects. We have successfully completed more than 2000+ projects in and around Chennai.

Different Types of Waterproofing Systems for Buildings

An Industrial construction or factory building required waterproofing solutions. They are,

  1. Bituminous Membrane
  2. Bituminous Coating
  3. Cementitious Waterproofing
  4. Injection Grouting
  5. Brick Bat Coba
  6. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane
  7. Polyurethane Liquid Membrane Method
  8. EPDM Waterproofing Membrane
  9. Liquid Roofing with bitumen membrane coating

Special Methods on Waterproofing system:

  1. Freezing process
  2. Chemical consolidation process
  3. Electro osmosis module

Are you facing water seepage problems from the roof due to concrete repair or having standing water in your terrace which leads to leakage? Then it's the time to approach waterproofing contractors in Chennai for basement walls, Sump pumps, exterior walls, tank, crack repair, flooding, crawl space remediation/Encapsulation, dampness with modern techniques. Get Free Estimate on Basement waterproofing, Concrete waterproofing, Exterior waterproofing services. We apply Hydrostatic pressure Self adhesive protective coatings and rubberized asphalt fluids on the surface to the wet basement.

SR Build Care Tech Features:

  1. 8 Years of Experience
  2. On-Time projects
  3. Best Price Guaranteed
  4. 100% Client Satisfaction
  5. Adroit Professionals
  6. All types of epoxy flooring
  7. Completed more than 1000 projects
  8. Wide range of Services
  9. Cater Commercial Industrial Residential

Types of waterproofing

Type A ( Barrier System), Type B (Structurally Integral), Type C (Drained System) are the main classification. In another name it can also be classified as Cementitious Waterproofing, Liquid Waterproofing Membrane, Bituminous (asphalt) Coating, Polyurethane Liquid Membrane.

Advantages & disadvantages of waterproofing

  1. Increases the lifespan of the construction
  2. Protects the building structure from water intrusion
  3. Avoid damages from rust, rotting, corrosion
  4. Saves deterioration of the ceilings, walls, floor
  5. Avoid fungus or microorganism which causes allergies & asthma
  6. Good looking and well maintained property

Application Areas

  1. Water & Sewage Treatment Plants
  2. Bridges, Dams, Tunnels
  3. Railway Systems
  4. Marine Cargo Ports
  5. Docks & Subway
  6. Parking Lots

What are the materials used for waterproofing systems

Acrylic polymer cement, Membrane, Vapour barrier SMS bitumen, cementitious & bituminous material, liquid waterproofing membrane and polyurethane liquid membrane, tar-bitumen materials, asphalt reinforced mats, metallic & hydro izol, brizol, reinforced plates, unreinforced slabs, prepared roofing paper, glassine, glue and sealants etc.,

Branded products for Water proofing Coating

  1. Dr.Fixit, Dubond
  2. BSK Hydrocrete
  3. Cetcrete, Epcon
  4. Krytonite, Newcoat
  5. MasterSeal, Mistercare
  6. Pidilite, Proofex
  7. Perma & Contech chemicals
  8. Redwop, Sika
  9. Fosroc, WeatherTuff

Application Areas:

  1. Residential places (Terraces, Floors, Bathrooms, Bedrooms)
  2. Airplane Hangars
  3. Badminton Court
  4. Commercial & retail stores
  5. Hospitals, Clinics (bacteria & germs resistant)
  6. Garages, Automotive industry (Due to Oil & bleach resistant)
  7. Industrial plants, Commercial, Marine applications
  8. Laboratory, Corporate Offices
  9. Manufacturing plants
  10. Showrooms, Warehouses

Waterproofing Installation Service Charges

Based on the products used, waterproofing treatment cost starts from Rs.25 per square feet to Rs.45 per square feet. We serve Preconstruction & Post construction waterproofing services for homes, industrial places, offices and commercial spaces. It takes 2-3 weeks times to dry. We uses torches to let them dry to get moisture free surface. Call now +91-9551441153 and get free quotation on Crystalline, Nano coating, Acrylic, Brickbat Coba, Bitumen, Polyurethane waterproofing.

Quality Control Checklist

  1. Site supervision (Measurements taken, moisture level monitoring, Leakage check)
  2. Are the required materials adequate to complete the jobs
  3. To check the materials quality and its conditions
  4. To check if the surface is dry & moisture free
  5. Were the damaged areas fixed?
  6. Are over covering ends being rolled with manufactures roll when gluing?
  7. Are all precautions being taken to shield membrane?
  8. Are repairs done to broken areas of the membrane?
  9. Are overlapping space projected as required? take a look at a neighborhood.
  10. Does the fabric match material/submittals?

Things to note down before hiring a professional waterproofing specialist

  1. Your waterproofing firm must hold ISO certificate
  2. The waterproofing company should have adequate experience
  3. They should handle different types of waterproofing problems
  4. Have to provide detailed quotation after indepth analysis of water leakages with permanent solution
  5. Quality control takes vital role before and after the grouting fixing services.
  6. They should be aware of latest technologies
  7. Make sure ar they providing insured services to avoid any monetary damage then

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